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Welcome to the official web site of the Barrie Windsurfing Association.

Our mission is to promote windsurfing and represent the interests of windsurfers in our area. Most of all, we want to make sure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable windsurfing experience.

Visit us! We’re located in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Join in the fun and enjoy the company of sailors from all over the Barrie, Midland, Collingwood and Toronto areas.

There is no designated club time at Minets – if the wind is blowing, we’ll be there!

We changed our name in 1999 from the Barrie Windriders and that may produce some confusion for those arriving here from outdated links. Never fear, we’re the same friendly folks at the same great windsurfing beach.

Beginners are always welcome and the cordial atmosphere means that the beginner will easily be able to find a helping hand.

Minets Point Park is on the south shore of Kempenfelt Bay (Lake Simcoe) and we enjoy paved parking, a grass rigging area and a brick wash/change room.

Also, you’re more than welcome to visit and make a donation if you’d like to see us continue doing what we do.

Come on out and join us! We hope to see you on the water.

Angulo and Daida – winners!

Wavesailing NEWS

Josh Angulo wins the Jeep Hawaii Pro. Daida Moreno (Mistral, North) wins the Women’s contest in a day of action from the world’s best, and the crowds even got some sun!

Kevin Pritchard (Starboard, Maui Sails) started off well today with a one-footed, one handed back loop which saw him through to the next round beating Kai Katchadorian (Quatro International). Francisco Porcella also had a good start as he is the push loop king and although Yann Quilfen (North) had some decent rides, it was Porcella that got through to meet Goya in the next round.

Scott McKercher, (Starboard, Severne) who did beat Boujamaa Guilloul (Starboard, Severne) yesterday (apologies for that), just couldn’t match the Spanish wave 360 master that is Alex Mussolini (Neilpryde, JP) and the Aussie bowed out early. But Mussolini (JP, Neil Pryde) was the man of the morning session as he kept busting out one-handed aerials, a goita back onto the wave and numerous ‘arched back’ bakkies and push loops. This got him past McKercher, Shelef and Goya before he lost to Jason Polakow (Nielpryde,JP). Not bad for the young man and surely a future winner of this contest.

So the competition continued and the heat draw just got more and more exciting. Kevin Pritchard .v. Levi Siver (Starbaord) was a classic. Kevin was ahead with a wave 360 and slick rides but then Levi did the highest, cleanest wave 360 of the day plus a goita on the wave. Even Kevin’s last minute taka wasn’t enough and Levi was through to the last 6.

In the same heat we had Alex Mussolini .v. Francisco Goya. This was close, real close but again Alex was more ‘tricky’ on the wave. Goya did pull off a slick wave 360 and also accidentally collided with Alex just in front of the Hookipa rocks, but this didn’t put Alex off his stride and he won the heat.


Finally Matt Pritchard (Tabou, Gaastra) and Jason Polakow had to get their hair wet and compete against the sailors who had battled through the double elimination in order to knock these guys out! However, that’s not how Matt & Jason wanted the story to end.

Polakow did a huge, one-handed push loop and the most tweaked aerial of the day to end Mussolini’s fantastic run. Matt was just on fire: pushloops, backloops, goita on the wave face, wave 360….etc Levi sure did sail well but just couldn’t match the consistency of Matt and the Pritchard revenge for Kevin’s loss was complete!

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By this stage Josh Angulo and Kauli Seadi (Quatro International, Naish) were getting a bit anxious and they both went out for practise sails in between heats and then they would come in to see who was left in the draw and who they would consequently have to beat.

Kauli watched intently from the beach as Matt Pritchard and Jason Polakow battled it out for a place against the Brazilian.

Polakow started off with a huge push loop, Pritchard responded on the wave behind with an even bigger push loop. Matt seemed to be ahead on waves early on with a wave 360 in the long 15 minute heat. Jason knew time was running out and the whole beach was ‘calling’ a wave 360 on his final wave. Sure enough Jason pulled it out of the bag to the delight of the cliff top crowds. But Matt had already wracked up the points and he was absolutely stoked to beat Mr.Polakow at Hookipa!

So it was Kauli Seadi .v. Matt Pritchard to decide who would face Josh Angulo in the final. Kauli (Quatro, Naish) had more tricks up his sleeve and pulled off a few goitas and his more ‘slashy’ style on the waves certainly impressed the judges. Matt looked tired and seemed to have run out of steam. He did all he could but it wasn’t enough. However third place at the Jeep Hawaii Pro is pretty darn good and we think Matt was suitably stoked with that result!


So it was the 22 year old, new school Brazilian .v. the 30 year old wave legend that is Josh Angulo. Would it be time for the younger guys to take centre stage and a new era to begin? ….not quite yet!

Josh Angulo stepped up to the mark and produced the beat sailing of the contest just when it mattered. For starters, he did the best one-handed aerial of the day then a sick one-handed back loop then a wave 360 and a one-handed push loop. Kauli tried everything: a goita which he made but not on the wave and a flaka down the wave face were his best offerings. He also knew he was in need of a high jump score and again the crowds ‘called’ a double. It would have taken a very clean double to beat Josh on jumps and Kauli didn’t quite land it. Never mind, he thought, I’ll try again! This time he let go through the second rotation and it was game over.

An hour later and Josh Angulo was spraying champagne all over the crowds as he was pronounced the Jeep Hawaii Pro Champion!!

Reprinted from Flying Fish ..


Come out and join us for our annual season-ending bash at the Barrie Yacht Club.

Date: Saturday, December 1, 2007

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Place: Barrie Yacht Club (

Parking: Public parking lot on Johnson street. No parking available at the club.

Admission: FREE (cash bar – we’ll provide finger foods).

On the Agenda:

- General meeting with an update on the Spring trip to Cape Hatteras

- Photo Contest. Bring your 5×7 prints from windsurfing this year so we can all vote on them. Prizes in the following categories: Action, Scenery and People

- G.P.S. speed winners. 6 prizes will be awarded (3 for men, 3 for women) for the top speeds in Hatteras and in Barrie.

- Door prizes

- Windsurfing videos

If you think you can make it, please let us know so we can have lots of food and drinks available.

Contact Trudy Ellis:

(705) 721-7669 x231

Directions to Minet’s Point Park in Barrie

Highway 400 Northbound to Essa Road exit.

Turn right onto Essa Road.

Follow Essa Road to Tiffin Street (6th signaled intersection).

Turn right on Tiffin.

Turn right on Lakeshore Drive.

Follow Lakeshore to Minets Point Road.

Turn left and follow the road down the hill to the park.

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Date: Saturday June 9, 2007 10:00 a.m.

Location: Minet’s Point, Barrie

Join us on Saturday June 9th for a special BWA event. For those new to the sport, we’re presenting a free Introduction to Windsurfing. In addition, Tropical North Surf Shop is hosting a Demo Day and Equipment Swap for windsurfers of all levels.


Here’s a great chance to get a hands-on introduction to the sport of windsurfing at no cost. We’ll have equipment and instructors on hand to help you understand what the sport’s all about and get you out on the water sailing! All ages are welcome.

- Learn all about the different types of windsurfing equipment and what you need to get started;

- Learn how to rig your sail and set up your board;

- Learn about windsurfing safety;

- Participate in dryland practice sessions;

- Get out on the water and try windsurfing!

- Get information on where to go next.


- Test the latest windsurfing gear from BIC JP STARBOARD and NEILPRYDE.

- Buy and sell used windsurfing gear


June 17-18, 2006

Burgess Enclave, Port Bolster, Lake Simcoe

The CMWA is hosting its annual weekend for women in windsurfing with Dan Thompson, who returns for an encore performance of leading us through various skills and drills. He is an experienced windsurfer and teacher . Dan is joined by Andree Gauthier and Stephanie Todd, both seasoned coaches and windsurfers.

The clinic is geared more to entry level and intermediate windsurfers but there will be plenty of tips for the advanced windsurfers. All ages are welcome.

Whether you have windsurfed before or have never stepped on a board, this weekend will focus on learning the basics of windsurfing and improving those skills already learned. Bring your own windsurfing equipment (borrowed or rented). If you do not own equipment we will bring a limited number of boards on a first come first serve basis. You may need to share!

The Burgess Enclave is located on beautiful Lake Simcoe in Port Bolster. There is plenty of grassy rigging area with access to the sandy shallow beach. It is ideal for all levels of sailors.


Clinic and lodging in the cottages:
$90 for current CMWA members $115 for non-members (includes CMWA membership)

Clinic only:
$60 for current CMWA members $85 for non-members (includes CMWA membership)
Camping: camping on the Saturday night is available in the yard for $20.
What to Bring? Bring your own bedding (sleeping bag and pillow), toiletries, food and a pot-luck dish for Saturday night dinner. You’ll need a wetsuit, lifejacket, water shoes, hat and sun screen.
For information contact: or call 905-952-8331

New Route to Hatteras

by Hans Held

This route seems farther to drive — but it’s not actually — it’s about the same distance.  Sure, it takes longer, but it’s much less hectic and lets you stop and smell the Wysteria along the way.  Now, if that’s not your style of driving and you just want to burn it to Hatteras .. don’t follow this route.

Take the QEW to Fort Erie/Buffalo –
In Buffalo,
Take I90 East to Rochester

Stop in Bath – just to look around!

Take I390 South to Painted Post and sStop in Bath on your way – just to look around!   Watch the speed limit here, New York cops are invisible.

The road changes from I390 to I17 and then I15
Watch for I15 South and take it to Williamsport

Stay on I15 South thru Lewisburg and follow the river.  Just before you get to Harrisburg, take the I22/322 East across the river, to Harrisburg

In Harrisburg, take I81 West to Hagerstown and then Winchester

Stay on I81 West to Winchester, then take I81 South thru to Staunton

Then take I64 East to Richmond — go around using the loop I295

Take I64 East to Hampton, Norfolk

In Hampton, take 664 to Chesapeake, then #168 South

It turns into #158 South just after Nags Head Follow #12 South to Avon.

Just a few rules of thumb.
In general, you can go around cities using the loop highways .. they’re always named either 4xx or 2xx where the xx is usually the same number as the one you’re driving on .. that is .. to get around Richmond if you’re on I95, take 295 and so on.

First …. If you think you are lost, you probably are. Stop a the next interchange, get out the map, and check directions.  Watch for road signs!

Second…. Don’t get in a hurry and start driving like a madman (woman!).

And this should be rule #1.
Don’t hog the passing lane – move over when you’re done passing!  If you are not going faster than the car beside you in the slow lane – MOVE OVER!

CMWA SPRING Get Together & Clinic

Friday – Sunday, May 26-28, 2006

Burgess Enclave
Port Bolster, Lake Simcoe,

Join us for a social gathering and clinic as we return once again to the Burgess Enclave on beautiful Lake Simcoe.

Your coaches Geoff, and Steph are looking forward helping you dust off the cobwebs for those seasoned windsurfers by freshening your sailing skills and tactics in a fun, friendly environment. Tips on anything you need to know or didn’t want to know! Beginners most welcome as Tropical North will be sure to have some new beginner equipment available for you to try out. Watch your pocket book, as this sport will bite you!

There is plenty of grassy rigging area with access to the shallow beach. It is ideal for all levels of sailors. Bring your family. All ages’ welcome!

Clinic runs on Saturday & Sunday so be ready to start by 10 a.m.

$120 current members
New or with renewal $145 (includes membership)
Fees include. 2 lunches and 2 dinners, 2 days of coaching.

Mail registration form and cheque or money order (made out to CMWA) by May 13, 2006 to:

Stephanie Todd, CMWA Social Director
96 Colony Trail Blvd.
Holland Landing, ON L9N 1E3
905-953-8302 email:

For more information please click this link.


Good news!

You can now register and pay your fees online. If you’re already a member, please go through the online registration process to help us update our membership information.